17/02/2021 – SET Digital Seminar: The Digital Transformation Journey: Contrasting Case Studies

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The Digital Transformation Journey: Contrasting Case Studies

Jawad Keshtgar – BMI Healthcare | 17/02/2021 @ 1600 | Virtual | Part of the SET Digital Series

Abstract Today people, organisation, and information technology are expected to operate as part of a seamless whole – both within and across organisational boundaries. This places stringent new demands on the knowledge, skills and technologies required to develop and manage such complex inter-related systems – in an ever increasing digital society.

As a result, Digital Transformation is fast becoming central to society particularly due to the rapid rate of digital convergence – especially in business. As society and technology develop in parallel, the most important skills for organisations is the ability to both understand and manage these complex interdependencies between I.T. and business in a dynamic globalised environment.

Bio A former Brunel University graduate in Information Systems, currently working at BMI Healthcare as the Lead Business and Change Analyst. Over the past eight years following graduation, my experiences have led me to work for the UK’s largest employer (NHS), be part of Europe’s largest IT project with Allianz and most recently work for the UK’s largest private healthcare organisation. My journey began at Brunel’s Science Park, with the start-up company ‘BTO Research’. My involvement with BTO, allowed me to valorise applied research techniques from academia to organisations; it is this relationship that motivates my personal mission to help foster closer relationship between Industry Leaders and Universities.