25/07/2015: Four of Brijeshs’ papers were accepted.

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Four of Brijeshs’ papers were accepted:

J. Derrick, G. Smith, L. Groves, and B. Dongol. ProCos, chapter A proof method for linearizability on TSO architectures. Springer, 2016. To appear (Accepted 15 April, 2016).

S. Doherty, J. Derrick, B. Dongol, G. Schellhorn, O. Travkin, and H. Wehrheim. Mechanized proofs of opacity: A comparison of two techniques. Formal Aspects of Computing, 2016. Accepted with minor revisions (Mechanisations available here: https://swt.informatik.uni-augsburg.de/swt/projects/Opacity-TML.html).

B. Dongol, I. J. Hayes, and G. Struth. Convolution as a unifying concept: Applications in separation logic, interval calculi and concurrency. ACM Transactions on Computational Logic, 2016.

B. Dongol and L. Groves. Contextual trace refinement for concurrent objects: Safety and progress. In ICFEM, 2016. To appear (previous version http://arxiv.org/abs/1603.01412).