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Upcoming Events

TitleDateTimeLocationSpeakerPreparatory Materials
Software Engineering? Are you kidding me?01/12/20181300 - 1400WLFB 207/208Giuseppe Destefanis
A Brief History of Types12/12/20181400 - 1500WLFB 207/208Rumyana Neykova


Past Events

A Guide to Writing Software Engineering Papers2nd March 20152-4pmSTJN008 Tracy HallDownload
Lessons learned in doing unbiased empirical work in software engineering25th March 2015 11-1pmSTJN008Martin ShepperdDownload
Collaborating with industry in software engineering research 21st April 2015 11-1pm STJN008Steve CounsellDownload
The best sources of software engineering research data 26th May 2015 11-1pm STJN008Andrea Capiluppi
BSEL Doctoral Symposium18th June 201511-1pmSTJN008Rob Hierons
BSEL Industry Day10th September 201512-4pmSTJN008All
Reading group8th October 201511-12pmSTJN004Tracy HallDownload
Modern Statistics22nd October 201511-12pmSTJN004Martin ShepperdDownload
WEKA29th October 201511-12pmSTJN004Thomas Shippey
Writing a 4* paper12th November 201511-12pmSTJN004AllDownload
BSEL Planning Session26th November 20151-2pmSTJN050All
EASE paper session7th January 201611amSTJN050All
Reading group21st January 20161pm-2pmSTJN050AllDownload
Reading group11th Feburary 201610amSJ050AllDownload
OpenML3rd March 201611amSJ050Jean Petric
Reading group17th March 201611amLC005AllDownload
BSEL Planning14th April 201611amSJ050All
Reading Group28th April 201611amSJ050AllDownload
Experimental Design9th June 201611am - 12:30pmTBAMartin ShepperdDownload
Industry Soap Box16th June 2016?TBAAll
Department Seminar29th June 20162pmTBABill Langdon