The BSEL seminar was held at WLFB 207/208 (2nd floor of Wilfred Brown) at 2:00PM.

A talk from Dr Giuseppe Destefanis titled ‘Software Engineering? Are you kidding me?’.

Software development is a complex human process which has, as a final goal, the creation of a complete working application. Software Engineering encompasses all the activities related to software development from conceiving to maintaining the product. Calling software a product, however, highlights all the difficulties of the subject, with “immateriality” being the first one. Engineering is defined as “the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.” (Oxford Dictionary). Is the combination of the two words “Software” and “Engineering” an oxymoron?

Four of Brijeshs’ papers were accepted:

J. Derrick, G. Smith, L. Groves, and B. Dongol. ProCos, chapter A proof method for linearizability on TSO architectures. Springer, 2016. To appear (Accepted 15 April, 2016).

S. Doherty, J. Derrick, B. Dongol, G. Schellhorn, O. Travkin, and H. Wehrheim. Mechanized proofs of opacity: A comparison of two techniques. Formal Aspects of Computing, 2016. Accepted with minor revisions (Mechanisations available here:

B. Dongol, I. J. Hayes, and G. Struth. Convolution as a unifying concept: Applications in separation logic, interval calculi and concurrency. ACM Transactions on Computational Logic, 2016.

B. Dongol and L. Groves. Contextual trace refinement for concurrent objects: Safety and progress. In ICFEM, 2016. To appear (previous version

28/04/2016: Robs paper entitled Parallel Algorithms for Testing Finite State Machines: Harmonised State Identifiers and Characterising Sets was published in IEEE Transactions on Computers

28/04/2016: Robs paper entitled Parallel Algorithms for Testing Finite State Machines: Generating UIO sequences was published in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.