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There are a variety of Software Engineering projects that have been funded by UK research councils, EU and companies including:

  • The AQUATIC Project which explores the quality of test code in comparison to production code, EPSRC funded.
  • ELF (Using Fault characteristics to Improve Software Fault Prediction) EPSRC funded 2014-17
  • MICaPASE (Metacognitive Instruction, Confidence and Prediction Accuracy in Software Engineering) EPSRC funded 2011-13
  • The Birth, Life and Death of Semantic Mutants, EPSRC funded 2009-13
  • ProbTest: Testing Probabilistic and Stochastic Systems, EPSRC funded 2009-13
  • REFTEST: REFactoring and TESTing Network, EPSRC funded 2009-12
  • SENSitivE data: Sensitivity Analysis for Software Engineering Data, EPSRC funded 2010
  • SEBASE: Software Engineering by Automated Search, EPSRC funded 2010-11



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